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  • Home of the 2nd And 4th Place Finishers Of The Snap Fitness $25,000 Weight Loss Challenge
  • Proud Partner of Western Reserve Hospitals
  • Home of Hyundai Autosports Pro Driver Ryan Norman
  • Home of the Cleveland State University 60m Record Holder Azsah Bradley
  • 2018 Cleveland Hot List Award Winner for Best Spin Class
  • Home of 2019 Bahamas Bowl winning QB University of Buffalo Kyle Vantrease
  • 2019-2020 Strength and Conditioning Coach for Streetsboro United Soccer Club

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Paul S,Stow Ohio 2015

Thanks Marvell for your positive attitude and your advice. I feel 10 times better about myself then I did when I first walked into the gym. Love the gains I see. Thanks again for all you do for the gym and for all you do to help everyone reach their goals.

Sam L Ravenna, Ohio 2014 (life after a stroke)

Its Thursday, finally, today I am thankful for Team Wring Fitness because I've been trying this "get fit" journey by myself for the past 4 years, i do good for awhile then I fall totally off, but here I know Ill be able to stick to it. The people are Awesome and they are helpful. I want to get strong but at a regular gym there's no one to help. Last night in class I just said "HELP" and 3 girls came runninng loved it.  I've never felt more comfortable or loved/appreciated than at Team Wring. end sappy post. (Source Facebook )

Robin K, Stow, Ohio 2014

I can't tell u how comfy and welcomed I feel.  Instantly. I feel challenged and driven. Seriously hoping this is IT and works for me. I will take another step as soon as this first step is imbedded into my day to day.  If I overcommit I will fail...happens every time.
Right now I look forward to Wednesdays.  I am missing you guys by Thursday!  THAT is what I need and what Iove about you guys.  I can't thank you enough.
The atmosphere is very much an inclusive team feeling. That's what sets you apart and why I love it.(source: text message 9.28.2014)

Evan F, Stow, Ohio 2014

You know you enjoy being at your gym when you would rather sit around the gym with the gym family then to go home and sit around (source: Team Wring Fitness Facebook Page)

April D, Aurora, Ohio 2014

The best trainers! They make you feel completely comfortable! Just like family (source: Team Wring Fitness Facebook Page)

Lauren H, Streetsboro, Ohio 2014

Alright... I'm gonna get sappy and emotional for a moment... But I honestly thank God for bringing Nicki into my life every day. She's honesty more than just my trainer. Since working with her, I'm down about 12 pounds and counting. Nicki, thank you for everything you have taught me so far.. I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with you and Team Wring! (source: Facebook)

Lisa H, Streetsboro, Ohio 2014

Went to the doctors and for a change he said "I wish everyone's blood pressure was as good as yours"... 126/80 baby! Thank u Team Wring! (source: Facebook)

Diane F, Streetsboro, Ohio 2013 

Hi, Jacob was in a state football tournament this weekend. He played 1st string offense & defense. This was a different team that he played with during regular season. Coach Dave, who has known Jacob for a long time told us today that a guy his size should not be that quick or fast. Coach Dave was amazed how Jacob could move on the defense. Hats off to Jacob for playing hard this weekend and to you for being such a great mentor to him! (source: Facebook message 11.17.2013)

Tom F, Streetsboro, Ohio 2013 

I had a relapse of this damned T-Cell Lymphoma in February & just returned home from my 3rd hospital stay in 5 weeks. But the big problem has been a host of potentially fatal infections & other side effects. The doctors told me that if my body had not been in the condtion it was in, I may not have survived. YOU saved my life & I'll never forget it. I love you, my Friend! Fletch (source: text message 8.12.2013)


Teona W Kent , Ohio 2013

"Was thinking about what u said about motivating others and I realized that motivation and inspiration is contagious. I didn’t realize I actually motivate and inspire others to live healthier lifestyles. There are people at my job who say they've been working out and asking me for work out tips because I’ve lost so much weight. So it is true when u say people are watching. I don’t know if I ever told u this but u always inspired me to be a better me and I guess I’m kind of passing the torch along. People have been telling me over the last couple of years that I’m such a positive person and I think working out kind of helps me do that. I guess I never really realized that people look up to me. I guess what I’m saying is that I get it! It goes beyond a number on a scale, it is a LIFESTYLE. And I know u don’t like when I get all spiritual, but God bless u and may He grant u the desires of your heart and may u continue to be a blessing to others as u have been to me."

Billy T (Deputy Sherrif), Ravenna, Ohio 2013

"There comes a point when you feel like you can't run any further or lift any more weight... when you get to that point Marvell will give that boost and you'll hit it harder then you ever imagined... thanks for the awesome workout tonight Marvell..." (Source: Facebook )


Michelle - Medina, Ohio 2012

"For the first time since 7th grade that she (Hannah) didn't get hurt during the season. You made a big difference in keeping her in shape and keeping her mentally ready. I am very greatful for that and I tell everyone who asks what (Team Wring) was the difference this year for her. Definately Team Wring!"

Michelle-Medina, Ohio 2012

She (Hannah) had footskills and a scrimmage Sunday morning at the Hive in Medina. The coach running it said she looked outstanding and then Bud (coach Buckey High School Soccer) pulled her aside and said that she looked thinner, fit, and locked in. She was very happy about this!  Keep up the good work Team Wring. I sing your praises at all the sporting events. You and your trainers have really made all the difference in her fitness, health, and confidence. Outstanding!!!

Nicki- Shalersville, Ohio 2011

"I started my journey to a healthy lifestyle Jan 2010. I was 35 years old, I weighed 321lbs and had many health issues. In May of 2010 I had already lost 80 lbs and I decided it was time to join a gym. I started with an entry level trainer that just did personal training for the money. She was a great person to talk to but I plateaued and I needed something new. For a couple of months I watched Marvell train and transform his clients...he always offered to train me but I was afraid...Marvell is hard core and is not a pushover. Finally I realized that I need to complete what I started. I signed up with Marvell. It's been 5.5 months and not only have I lost many inches, I have lost 44 lbs and counting. Marvell takes the time to listen to me...if I point out certain areas I don't like about my body, our next session he incorporates an exercise that will improve it. He offers challenges and motivation. If I ache or have an injury he customizes my workout to still give me what I need and yet gives my leg a rest. Marvell has a passion about life and fitness. He shares that with his clients. He works hard to build our minds and bodies. His positive reinforcement and extreme drive will motivate you to want to be your best. Marvell is capable of changing the world one person at a time. I am pleased with my results and the confidence I have gained from being his client. Having him train me was one of the best decisions I have ever made."

Nicole C: Willoughby, Ohio 2011

Hi my name is Nicole Cleversy. I first met Marvell at the lowest point in my life. Overweight, depressed and just sad I walked into a gym where he had happened to be training at the time. His kindness and knowledge of fitness and nutrition quickly drew me in. I knew that this was the time for a change and he was the one to help me. I quickly realized that although humane and professional he put my body through one of the most intense workouts , which is what I needed and asked for. He trained me hard and the way I requested. Even when I wanted to give up he pushed me. He started a fire in me that changed my life. He did inovative plyometric workouts instead of the same old boring cardio combined with stength training.
He instowed knowledge and a drive in me that kept me to push myself to my goal weight and to contiune to set new goals- So thanks to the man who at moments I thought my body would never forgive, whom my confidence could never thank enough and to whom reminded me that life can be how ever you want it to be---

starting weight 189 ( 18 mths ago)
current weight 116

Angela- Medina Ohio 2011

"My Five Year Wedding Anniversary is coming up this fall, and somehow I have managed to put on about 25 pounds since our wedding day. YIKES! I have always “dabbled” in exercise and “dieting” but I never took it seriously – until I found Marvell a few months back. Marvell does the # 1 thing I NEED to see weight loss results – he keeps me accountable. Marvell is EXCELLENT at what he does - His workouts are diverse and are created to produce results, his nutrition challenge is jumpstarting additional pounds being shed, and his positive reinforcement and motivation is just what I need on a daily/ weekly basis to not only make that change in diet and exercise for today, but for life. I can’t encourage others enough to give Marvell the chance to train/work with them – I promise you will be hooked!
I am halfway there to my newlywed weight in just 2 short months, and I owe Marvell a HUGE thank you for it all! I am finally excited to exercise again and to see just what “slim and trim” looks like on me!"

Michael- Medina Ohio 2011

"After a long break from exercising, I knew getting back into it would be a killer! And believe me it is! However, there is no way I could do this without Marvell! He really pushes me when we are working out and is truly a GREAT motivator! I would recommend anyone to him! If you are looking for a trainer to help transform your body, then give Marvell a shot! Trust me, you will not regret it! I've lost 9 lbs. in less than 4 weeks and I feel such a positive change taking place in my body!"

What's There To "Melt" About? (My Cardio Circuit Class)

Beth- Oeconnection Richfield, Ohio 2011

"The class was AWESOME! It was a much welcomed change to the regular exercise activities I’ve been doing. And I am definitely sore from the class, so I know it was a good workout. I signed up for the next few classes, so I’m excited!"